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मानक करार
standard:    कक्षा मापदंड जमात
agreement:    सुलह अन्वय
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  1. They even wanted her to sign a standard agreement used with informants.
  2. "That's part of our standard agreement when they become an employee here,"
  3. "There is no standard agreement on what operating earnings are, " he said.
  4. Sharansky's plans include pushing to complete standards agreements with both countries.
  5. The standards agreement gives Affymetrix a lead in the race for market dominance.
  6. Let us hope the moves to introduce a standard agreement will be expedited from now on.
  7. For this purpose, said Khoo, remisiers need to submit to the KLSE documents and the standard agreement.
  8. The researchers had signed standard agreements that gave Harvard the rights to any inventions discovered in McKeon's lab.
  9. The final automobile standards agreement is expected by March but few consumer advocates will have had a say.
  10. Organizing so that a concerted view of the country's interests is presented during international negotiations leading to standards agreements.
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