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stamp:    छाप डाक टिकट छापा
down:    निगलकर शरीर के
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  1. Hey, it keeps the price of stamps down.
  2. Will Lance be single-handedly responsible for keeping the price of stamps down?
  3. The first group of bonobos stamp down vegetation in order to mark their route through the forest.
  4. Such is the stuff that fuels inflationary expectations-- which Greenspan would surely feel compelled to stamp down.
  5. I know the Australian Cricket Board are against performance-enhancing drugs and are trying to stamp down on it.
  6. You seem to be wanting to stamp down on him rather than be willing to back off a bit yourself.
  7. "I do believe FIFA and UEFA have to stamp down on the whole issue and impose the right sanctions ."
  8. Police said they expect large numbers of Anwar supporters to turn up for the decision Wednesday and promised to stamp down protests.
  9. He urged the public to be patient, especially with the government's efforts to stamp down corruption within the economic system.
  10. President B . J . Habibie has also promised to stamp down on corruption as part of a drive to restore economic confidence.
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