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stair:    सीढ़ी सोपान ज़ीना
well:    भलाई लाभ कटघरा
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  1. The stair well creates a remarkable focus in a finely contrived sequence of spaces.
  2. The bombs were thrown through the windows of a conference room and a stair well of the American International School Wednesday night.
  3. It has a hipped roof and features brick balconies and a tower containing the stair well, which s lit by glass panels.
  4. Chad Reeser sneaked around his school like a paparazzo, hiding out in vacant stair wells, peering through the small square glass of the gymnasium door.
  5. It would require an excessive number of steps in each flight in order to retain sufficient soffit in the stair well, and so would not pass building regulations.
  6. This entrance is emphasised externally by a panel of glazing which extends upward over the two storeys of the building and also serves to light the internal stair well which is positioned here.
  7. Any one stair well, per building code, is wide enough so that standard ambulance stretchers can be carried up and down-this makes them wide enough so that 3 or 4 largish people can go down or up side by side together, though that is not the intention.
  8. The design is somewhat unique for a Washington State Ferry, as the vessel has two elevators, multiple stair wells, and a smoke stack on the same side of the ferry, instead of being symmetrical, aside from having a single elevator on one side of a typical Washington State Ferry.
  9. There's enough people on each floor in large office towers to completely fill 4 or 5 flights of stairs, so wardens need to coordinate and stagger each floor's evacuation, so that each stair well is fully occupied but only just fully occupied, for as much of the evac time as possible.
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