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stair:    सीढ़ी सोपान ज़ीना
case:    वास्तविकता आदमी
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  1. The stair case leads to the second level.
  2. Bricks, dirt and a collapsed wooden stair case lay on the floor of what used to his living room.
  3. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad greeted all the leaders as they came down a grand stair case from the hotel lobby.
  4. This is a 91 step per stair case ( 79-foot ) step pyramid and excellent example of Maya myth and astronomical cycles joined in architecture.
  5. She was quickly helped to the bed of the truck, using a plastic beer cooler as a makeshift stair case, and stood smiling and waving behind a rough-hewn wooden lectern.
  6. The Dylan's Candy Bar flagship location features a stair case consisting of 53 resin stair treads and three landings that are embedded with real candy and equipped with inserted abrasion strips.
  7. In 1870 the second floor was added along with a two tier gallery on all four sides, and a new stair case to run from the first floor to the third floor.
  8. Sliding backwards feet first is the safest approach to descending stairs due to the fact that the midline of the body is closer to the stair case providing an even weight distribution on all four limbs.
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