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stag night sentence in Hindi
• विवाहपूर्व पुरुष-गोष्ठी रात्रि
• विवाहपूर्व पुरुष-गोष्ठी
stag:    कुंवारा बारहसिंगा
night:    शाम अंधकार संध्या
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  1. A barmaid whom Jeremy meets during Super Hans'stag night.
  2. He comes in and tells her he is going out on his stag night.
  3. Ren?then goes off to his stag night.
  4. Kildare must miss a surprise party for his stag night, so Mary goes instead.
  5. When Frank goes missing after his stag night, Monica demands custody of Liam and Stella.
  6. Prince Charles held his stag night at the club before his wedding to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.
  7. On Max's stag night, OB discovers that Clare is planning to leave with his money.
  8. In revenge, he hires Jimmy to kill Liam, running him over on Tony's stag night.
  9. Robert is jealous of Andy and Katie, and they get into a fight during Andy's stag night.
  10. In series 8, Frank is ready to get married to Libby and he goes missing on his stag night.
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