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  1. Without any sense of stableness to the policies and guidelines, a suitable standard is not easy to properly maintain.
  2. "The biggest thing about Mark's captaincy was his stableness and calmness and everyone around him felt comfortable ."
  3. WWBIC partners with HACM to assist residents who are interested in the business education and residents are educated with financial stableness, home ownership and successful businesses.
  4. What I do think is questionable is the stableness; the last 250 edits roughly are from the last week, and around the time the article was promoted to GA; whether that action attracted new people or spurred less active editors to get involved, for better or worse, it's hard to tell, but definitely brings a few questions forward about the recent burst of editing activity ( the last 500 edits date back 2 months for reference ).


  1. the quality or attribute of being firm and steadfast

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