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स्थायित्व विश्लेषण
stability:    दृढ़ता धीरज
analysis:    विश्लेषण
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  1. As such, stability analysis is the application of sensitivity analysis to machine learning.
  2. "' SVSLOPE "'is a slope stability analysis program developed by SoilVision Systems Ltd ..
  3. The behaviour of solutions to these equations can be determined by linear stability analysis.
  4. Before the computer age stability analysis was performed graphically or by using a hand-held calculator.
  5. Typical slope stability analysis considers sliding failures, categorized mainly as rotational slides or translational slides.
  6. A popular stability analysis approach is based on principles pertaining to the limit equilibrium concept.
  7. Open loop and closed loop ( feedback ) systems and stability analysis of these systems.
  8. Metzler matrices appear in stability analysis of time delayed differential equations and positive linear dynamical systems.
  9. The Lyapunov equation occurs in many branches of control theory, such as stability analysis and optimal control.
  10. Zuber, through a hydrodynamic stability analysis of the problem has developed an expression to approximate this point.
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