spirit lamp meaning in Hindi

spirit lamp sentence in Hindi

• स्पिरिट लैम्प
spirit:    विचारधारा आत्मा
lamp:    लैम्प कंदील चिराग़
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  1. A spirit lamp to aid in heating the oil in severe cold weather is required ."
  2. He designed the first practical Teasmade based on an alarm clock, a spirit lamp and a tipping kettle.
  3. It was available in round black sticks of about 3 / 4 inch diameter which responded to heat from a spirit lamp.
  4. Limited floor space kept many objects _ even a sterling silver tripod table from 1724-5, complete with matching teapot and spirit lamp _ in storage.
  5. The machines he drew were frequently powered by steam boilers or kettles, heated by candles or a spirit lamp and usually kept running by balding, bespectacled men in overalls.
  6. It's like opening Champagne bottles with a sabre or heating Cognac over a spirit lamp, the pretentious rite so neatly skewered by Evelyn Waugh in " Brideshead Revisited ."
  7. Later in 1893 his essay " The Incomparable Beauty of Modern Dress " was published in the Oxford journal " The Spirit Lamp " by its editor, Lord Alfred Douglas.
  8. However, if the ball is heated by dipping it into boiling water or playing the flame of a spirit lamp over it, the metal will expand, and the ball will no longer fit through the ring.
  9. In a devastating passage in Evelyn Waugh's novel " Brideshead Revisited, " the crude Rex Mottram rejects a pale, elegant Cognac for a treacly brandy he then has warmed in a huge snifter over a spirit lamp.
  10. Murdoch's working model was a three-wheeled vehicle about a foot in height with the engine and boiler placed between the two larger back wheels with a spirit lamp underneath to heat the water and a tiller at the front turning the smaller front wheel.
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  1. a lamp that burns a volatile liquid fuel such as alcohol

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