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  1. "The spillway worked great, " she said.
  2. The crest of the uncontrolled spillway is and is approximately long.
  3. The spillway of Noonday Creek Structure Number 17 was extensively damaged.
  4. Water first flowed over the spillway on April 10, 1912.
  5. The spillway's secondary function is as a recreational area.
  6. The dam includes a spillway, a powerhouse, and switchyard.
  7. Both these outlets and the spillway are controlled by tainter gates.
  8. They were also excavating an emergency spillway which was never completed.
  9. The uncontrolled un-gated spillway has a discharge capacity of.
  10. The Quinapoxet Dam is an earthen dam with a concrete spillway.
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  1. a channel that carries excess water over or around a dam or other obstruction

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