spill blood meaning in Hindi

spill blood sentence in Hindi
• खून बहाना
• खून बहाना
spill:    पतन बत्ती शलाका
blood:    स्वभाव ख़ून
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  1. I am appealing to all police officers not to let Shevardnadze spill blood,
  2. Nobody believes English-speaking Canada is prepared to spill blood over Quebec.
  3. You can spill blood, but can make it a clean cut.
  4. And Rabbi Akiva also said that whoever spills blood diminishes the Divine image.
  5. The mainland, he said, was willing to " spill blood " to prevent independence.
  6. You have to spill blood to get in and give blood to get out.
  7. "Their attitude is, unless somebody spills blood or somebody's hurt, nothing can be done,"
  8. "We don't have any intention to spill blood ."
  9. FOOTNOTE Action films always spill blood, but this one wallows in an ocean of gore.
  10. :: Where on earth are you getting " ready to spill blood " come from?
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