speedometer meaning in Hindi

[ spi'dɔmitə ] sound:
speedometer sentence in Hindi
• स्पीडोमीटर
• गतिमापक
• गतिमापी यंत्र

• चालमापी
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  1. But some other subway systems have managed to make speedometers work.
  2. Among its offerings for that market is a highly sensitive speedometer.
  3. There's the giant, round speedometer at center dash.
  4. The standard features include a 160-mph speedometer and tachometer.
  5. The speedometer was moved from the window frame into the dash.
  6. The speedometer of the camera vehicle needs to be accurately calibrated.
  7. In 1888 Josip Beluai invented and designed the first electric speedometer.
  8. The speedometer is digital, and there are two trip meters.
  9. We still use that on car speedometers and gauges, though.
  10. The car's speedometer was locked at 80 miles an hour.
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  1. a meter fixed to a vehicle that measures and displays its speed

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