speed breaker meaning in Hindi

speed breaker sentence in Hindi

चाल रोधक
speed:    रफ़्तार गति चाल
breaker:    पीपा भंजक
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  1. The fast growing IndusInd Bank hits a speed breaker, BUSINESS INDIA
  2. The songs act as speed breakers and some scenes are repeated, especially the gory killings.
  3. In 1999 many speed breakers were installed on the Vedaranyam  Kodaikorai road which have effectively prevented the killing of wildlife by speeding vehicles.
  4. Swati's scene in the climax " scores ", and that music by Sathish Chakravarthy " are just about ok but come as speed breakers ".
  5. The construction of speed breakers or road bumps were conventional methods of forcing motorists to lower speeds, but were dropped at locales in favor of cameras due to lobbying efforts.
  6. In fact the first half an hour is taut and racy, but wafer thin storyline, predictable scenes, songs and a long drawn out climax acts as speed breakers ", calling it " a decent attempt by a group of youngsters to make a fairly decent thriller ".
  7. They raise their own financial resources to initiate and maintain social infrastructures like community function hall, society water supply, laying of speed breakers, cctv cameras for the safety and security of the colony etc ., JNWA deals with all aspects of the resident's life, from the cradle to the grave.
  8. "Indiandragon " gave 3.5 dragons and said " " Vishwaroopam " is the Indian spy story no different but all together new " . " Sify " said, " It is technically brilliant with world class making and a subject which is truly international on global terrorism . " and called it a " must watch for those who seek classy, stylish and extra-strong entertainment . " NDTV stated, " " Vishwaroopam " is likely to be appreciated by lovers of Hollywood action films . " and pointed out, " The film's only minus point  the placement of songs works as speed breakers for a spy thriller . " B . V . S . Prakash of Deccan Chronicle gave 3 stars and stated that the film " rides on performances . " " Firstpost " stated that " " Vishwaroopam " is non-stop action Hollywood style ".
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