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  1. And, after all, the NBA is in the speculation business with most draftees.
  2. This is it _ we are out of the speculation business.
  3. On February 20, 1795, Greenleaf, Morris, and Nicholson formed the North American Land Company ( NALC ) to finance their land speculation business.
  4. Analysts said investors appeared to be taking profits _ the stock has run up nearly 40 percent since the end of October on speculation business was improving.
  5. That land and other Rancho properties were finally sold to the American Abel Stearns, then acquired by the Robinson Trust, a group of investors, which eventually parlayed their holdings into a vast land speculation business.
  6. Housed in the same building where his grandfather, Malouf Abraham, once chewed the fat with local politicians and ranchers while building a sizable land-speculation business, the company has evolved into one of the nation's most unusual trading operations ."
  7. Cook and Washington may have known each other however they shared very different viewpoints about the Virginia-Pennsylvania rivalry and counter claims over whether the region belonged to Virginia or Pennsylvania, and would have been rivals in the land acquisition and speculation business.

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