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  1. That is because census counts depend entirely on locating people at specific addresses.
  2. The page I've just linked to allows you to specify a specific address.
  3. Warrants must currently be linked to specific addresses and expire after a month.
  4. I'm looking for the homeowner or leaseholder of a specific address in California.
  5. Now packages must be sent to a specific soldier at a specific address.
  6. Pio XII, " Discorsi Ai Medici " compiles 700 pages of specific addresses.
  7. Fans receive specific addresses for autograph contacts as well as stats, stickers and pictures.
  8. One can also order a taxi by telephone etc . to a specific address.
  9. This is useful for quickly advancing to a specific address.
  10. The caller bought electronic tickets, meaning airlines did not send tickets to a specific address.

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