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  1. In April 1889, Special Order 37 directed all Willcox on May 8.
  2. General Lee announced this in Special Order 234 on November 6, 1862.
  3. The Sportomatic transmission was still available but only as a special order.
  4. In December 1977 Ford built 13 special order XC Falcon GS Hardtops.
  5. Business sedans were built in limited numbers on a special order basis.
  6. Most of the Ace retailers do a good business in special orders.
  7. Kroger will also special order bison for you through its meat departments.
  8. Rivers said she doesn't want to prevent lawmakers from giving special orders.
  9. No two cars SLP produced were alike; they all were special orders.
  10. These special orders are recommended by the Rules Committee of each house.
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