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  1. A Colleyville restaurant named a sushi roll after Cheek-Sparger Road.
  2. Air or a specific gas is dispersed in the solution through a sparger.
  3. In 1901 Spicker and William Sparger jointly published a Sabbath Evening and Morning Service.
  4. Low-pressure steam enters the vessel through a sparger in the bottom of the vessel.
  5. "That really preserved the breed, " said Alan Sparger III, a rancher in Comfort, Texas.
  6. The boiler feedwater is sprayed into section ( E ) where it is preheated by the rising steam from the sparger.
  7. Paraphrasing a country song, Sparger said of Schreiner, " He was longhorns when longhorns weren't cool ."
  8. Sparger was New York Times " article, " belong [ ed ] to the extreme liberal school of Hebrew theology ".
  9. The preheated feedwater then flows into the deaeration section ( F ), where it is deaerated by the steam rising from the sparger system.
  10. Mosche fell ill in 1884, and after being unable to serve for six months, was replaced by 26-year-old William Sparger.
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