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फावडा पकड
spade:    हब्शी कुदाल
grip:    थैला मूठ समझ
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  1. The M240E1 is also fitted with spade grips for flexible use.
  2. Tripod and pintle mounts are usually used with spade grips.
  3. Control was from a spade grip on the gun.
  4. The aircraft configured M240D has a front and rear sight and a trigger group which accommodates the spade grip device.
  5. The M60D differed from the base model by employing spade grips, a different sighting system, and lacking a forearm.
  6. It was equipped with a metallic Y-shaped stock and two spade grips, the barrels had no cooling fins.
  7. The spade grips were replaced with a rifle-type stock and the thumb-trigger was replaced by a rifle-type trigger.
  8. The light machinegun model used a buttstock and trigger group like the Bren and the medium machinegun model used spade grips and a butterfly trigger like the Vickers.
  9. Unlike other models, however, the M60D normally has spade grips and an aircraft ring-type sight or similar, as well as an improved ammunition feed system.
  10. Interestingly, spade grips are installed on a gun cradle integral to the tripod, instead of to the gun body; the trigger is located on the right spade grip, making firing more controlled and comfortable.
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