spacing interval meaning in Hindi

spacing interval sentence in Hindi

• अंतरालन अंतराल
spacing:    अंतर अंतरण अंतराल
interval:    अंतराल अन्तर
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  1. Three European groups followed the American threesome at unevenly spaced intervals.
  2. These punctuation marks are replaced by different space intervals between the sentences and phrases.
  3. Along what is now Laona's central street had been a long brush fence with spaced intervals.
  4. The process involves of dropping a heavy weight repeatedly on the ground at regularly spaced intervals.
  5. This " movie " would be filmed over a period of weeks by frame-at-a-time exposure taken at regular spaced intervals.
  6. Each of the " n " " phases " is turned on at equally spaced intervals over the switching period.
  7. The building is topped by a cornice that contains the gutter system and features carved lion heads at evenly spaced intervals.
  8. Statues of the others, such as Alice Brown Davis, the only female chieftain of the Seminoles in Oklahoma, are set at well-spaced intervals in a garden area outside.
  9. In a standing wave the "'nodes "'are a series of locations at equally spaced intervals where the wave amplitude ( motion ) is zero ( see animation above ).
  10. The laughs from the audience come at widely spaced intervals, since everyone is reacting to something entirely different; " Range " seems to exist in several time zones simultaneously.
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