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• स्‍थानिक अन्‍तराल प्रभाव
spacing:    अंतर अंतरण अंतराल
effect:    परिणाम प्रभात
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  1. The very low pillars are creating a distinct space effect.
  2. The spacing effect and its underlying mechanisms have important applications to the world of advertising.
  3. The longer the delay, the greater the spacing effect.
  4. Generalization is shown to have implications on the use of the spacing effect in educational settings.
  5. Not much attention has been given to the study of the spacing effect in long-term retention tests.
  6. From this he discovered the Forgetting curve and the Spacing effect, two of his most well-known contributions.
  7. Greene proposed that the spacing effect is due to the increased amount of voluntary rehearsal of spaced items.
  8. This led to equal memory for faces presented in massed and spaced fashions, hence eliminating the spacing effect.
  9. This semantic priming mechanism provides spaced words with more extensive processing than massed words, producing the spacing effect.
  10. By returning to the memory and recalling it, reminiscence functions as spaced practice ( see Spacing effect ).
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