sozzled meaning in Hindi

sozzled sentence in Hindi
• उन्मत्त
• धुत्त
• मतवाला
• मदहोश
• शराबी
• नशे में चूर
• शराब के नशे में धुत्त
• नशे में धुत्त
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  1. Sozzled star is sent to dry out by soccer boss.
  2. Of course, he's also loaded _ lit, sozzled, whatever.
  3. We first meet the artist sozzled, denouncing Picasso with the least imaginative word in the vernacular.
  4. What was the Postal Service thinking in 1980 when it portrayed W . C . Fields in all his sozzled splendor?
  5. Nan is hectored by a group of sozzled frat boys in a Second Avenue bar, Dorrian's Red Hand.
  6. Though she falls in love with Jim, she remains quite helpless when the often sozzled warden directs his attentions toward her.
  7. When a sozzled schmo on the next barstool tells him about Roberts'character, Maggie, and her pre-marital flights, Gere goes with the story.
  8. Mrs Willis's grief and pain over losing son Josh has been heartbreaking  and we know it's bad, but we love when Terese gets sozzled ."
  9. Every fight that breaks out on the program requires the downing of another round, and by the time little Joey is wheeled into the operating room, he is beyond sozzled.
  10. Determined to solve the case, Trixie stalks the senator to an exclusive restaurant where, sozzled on martinis, he delivers a rambling, incoherent monologue about presidential hanky-panky.
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  1. very drunk
    synonyms:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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