sound absorber meaning in Hindi

sound absorber sentence in Hindi

• ध्वनि अवशोषक
sound:    आवाज आवाज़ आहट
absorber:    अवशोषक अवशोषी
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  1. A large blue screen-like sound absorber stood between Bing and the boys.
  2. He experiments with sound absorbers made from felt and with glass sound mirrors.
  3. Her floor-to-ceiling curtains, her yellow upholstered sofa and her grayish wall-to-wall carpet are all sound absorbers.
  4. One early contributor to the theory of micro perforated plates as sound absorbers was Professor Daa-You Maa.
  5. These sound absorbers are used to improve the acoustics of the room, which thereby reduces noise in the room.
  6. The contractors put a plywood sheet on the floor, then added a layer of rubber sound absorbers and another sheet of plywood.
  7. They covered large sections of the walls with heavy fabric and built large cabinets that Dichter filled with sheet music, records and tapes _ more sound absorbers.
  8. Inscriptions can be used to date the qin as well, since most makers brush in their names and years of manufacture, mostly inside the soundhole, on the sound absorber or next to it.
  9. Noise control principles are implemented into technology and design in a variety of ways, including control by redesigning sound sources, the design of noise barriers, sound absorbers, silencers, and buffer zones, and the use of hearing protection ( earmuffs or earplugs ).
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