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  1. Moore of Sonic Youth prefers the low-tech soulfulness of records.
  2. There is nobody whose soulfulness or creative reach exceeds his.
  3. What sets Lauryn apart is her spirituality, her soulfulness.
  4. Technique counts, but soulfulness and passion count more.
  5. A vacuum of genuine soulfulness, positive messages and singers with individual styles.
  6. The inspired wood thrush sings with a certain soulfulness.
  7. His long face can imply layers of soulfulness in the most contrived of circumstances.
  8. He has that soulfulness Chez really needed.
  9. Soulfulness and staying power were rare commodities among'80s British techno-pop bands.
  10. Here, the restive soulfulness in her eyes functions as a kind of moral superiority.
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