sole trustee meaning in Hindi

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एकमात्र न्यासी
एकल न्यासी
sole:    पैर की तलवा तला तली
trustee:    न्यायधारी न्यासी
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  1. Stiassny, in turn, was the sole trustee of Fardell s family trust.
  2. He served as sole trustee of Lowell Observatory from 1987 to 2013.
  3. Amory, meanwhile, was also named the sole trustee of the Lowell Observatory.
  4. The comptroller is also the sole trustee of the state's pension fund.
  5. Franklin died in 1980, and McCrary became sole trustee for the trust.
  6. For 40 years, Putnam was also the sole trustee of the Lowell Observatory.
  7. GWAS was the sole trustee of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Appeal.
  8. Swartz, the sole trustee for GV Realty, could not be reached to comment Tuesday.
  9. Mark Swartz, Tyco's chief financial officer, is listed as sole trustee of the trust.
  10. "I don't want this to be a museum, " says Musmeah Yeshua's sole trustee.
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