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  1. Soft woods are cut from evergreen conifers like pine, spruce, fir and larch.
  2. Even earlier, however, local villagers had experience in making tableware from soft woods.
  3. Wood may be divided into two distinct groups : hardwood and soft wood.
  4. The soft wood has been used to make furniture and shoes.
  5. Pine is a light-colored, soft wood with a medium texture and closed grain.
  6. Common soft woods include cedar, douglas fir, pine, redwood and spruce.
  7. The wings are beautifully articulated, feathers minutely carved in a soft wood, then gilded.
  8. As in earlier times, they are built from soft wood, mainly larch and spruce.
  9. In Japan, most woodworkers use soft woods, and thus can use extremely hard steel.
  10. Cedar is an extremely soft wood and when dry it will cut like butter.
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