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soft touch sentence in Hindi
• भोला-भाला व्यक्ति
soft:    अल्कोहल रहित मंद
touch:    स्पर्श
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  1. But the thing about him is, he has a surprisingly soft touch.
  2. He had just this soft touch about him that banished all doubt.
  3. Somewhere along the way, I've acquired a reputation as a soft touch.
  4. He is a powerful rebounder with a soft touch around the basket.
  5. I thought him a soft touch for money and told him so.
  6. Still others worry that he is a bit of a soft touch.
  7. Enter the Soft Touch Mouse from Fellowes, a leader of computer accessories.
  8. Everyone was awed at his wonderfully soft touch around the greens.
  9. Why the soft touch by Democrats on such a major, election-year political issue?
  10. The more high tech we get, the more we need the soft touch,
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  1. a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of
    synonyms:, , , , , , ,

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