social climbing meaning in Hindi

social climbing sentence in Hindi

• सामाजिक आरोहण
social:    सामुहिक सभा
climbing:    आरोही चढ़ना चढ़ना
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  1. It's much more noble than social climbing ."
  2. These days, publicists are the sherpas of social climbing.
  3. "We don't talk about social climbing,"
  4. Bill Clinton has to be the only president who is still social climbing.
  5. Social climbing through your children _ there's a lot of it.
  6. Not much has changed since this classic portrait of social climbing was published.
  7. The photographer never ceased social climbing, either.
  8. For Rodman, that's social climbing.
  9. I'm in favor of social climbing.
  10. O'Reilly has been downward social climbing.
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