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social climber sentence in Hindi
• बेहतर सामाजिक स्थिति पाने का इच्छुक व्यक्ति
social:    सामुहिक सभा
climber:    आरोही बेल लता
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  1. If she were a social climber she never would have done that.
  2. S . Pittman ( SIDEWAYS ) : NYC social climber mounts Everest.
  3. Max Beerbohm criticised him as a social climber who had forgotten his origins.
  4. He was just more multitalented _ as salesman, social climber, architect and decorator.
  5. Angry, pill-popping Mimi is a highly connected social climber, snob and vocal anti-Semite.
  6. Norwich still doesn't understand why people dismiss socialites as social climbers.
  7. I was always a horrible little social climber in my way.
  8. Drescher, a social climber, regularly hosts dinner parties with high-ranking guests.
  9. Successful social climbers do feel superior _ after all, that's why they climb.
  10. "It's a mark of the social climber, " agrees the other.
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  1. someone seeking social prominence by obsequious behavior

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