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• सामाजिक वातावरण
social:    सामुहिक सभा
climate:    वातावरण आबोहवा
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  1. We are trying to maintain a social climate that values the family.
  2. It was the litmus paper of political and social climate in Poland.
  3. In the current economic and social climate, It Girls have no relevance,
  4. Not infrequently, this leads some public institutions to ignore the actual social climate.
  5. The social climate that " Terror 2000 " addresses is anything but benign.
  6. Bahrain also enjoys a liberal social climate, good shopping and minimal travel restrictions.
  7. In the right social climate, it would be an inviting place,
  8. He underlines the meaning of social climate in human being's welfare.
  9. In today's social climate, that's like saying she kicks dogs and drowns kittens.
  10. But that can change substantially with the political and social climate.
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