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भावुक पत्रकार
sob:    कमीना सिसकी सिसकी
sister:    बहन बहिन मठवासिनी
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  1. From that moment they are more like sob sisters than adversaries.
  2. In the Crocket era, every reporter was part cynic and part sob sister.
  3. Celestine was one of the three or four most celebrated sob sisters in the country.
  4. Some people thought of her as a sob sister.
  5. Among well-known " Post " reporters were Gene Fowler and " sob sister " Polly Pry.
  6. Male politicians should quit acting like sob sisters.
  7. After a tentative and unsuccessful try at solo writing with " Sob Sisters " at Dad ".
  8. Gene Patterson says, " She was only a sob sister in the sense that I sob at her going.
  9. Amazingly, no, even if it is adapted from a novel by the former New York Times sob sister, Anna Quindlen.
  10. ""'Sob Sister " "'is a 1931 American romance film directed by Alfred Santell and written by Edwin J . Burke.
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  1. a journalist who specializes in sentimental stories

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