snack bar meaning in Hindi

snack bar sentence in Hindi
• अल्पाहार-गृह
• चायख़ाना
snack:    अल्पाहार करना
bar:    छड़ सिटकिनी डंडा
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  1. There is a snack bar, but many patrons bring their own refreshments.
  2. Back at the Pavillon, skiers sipped hot drinks from the snack bar.
  3. Its three snack bars include a main one nearly 100 feet long.
  4. Two women operated a microwave oven in a department store snack bar.
  5. Soldiers like to snack, so we are exploring snack bars as supplements.
  6. I met Bridges at a snack bar near Mullen in west-central Nebraska.
  7. The steward announced $ 2 margarita happy hour in the snack bar.
  8. On match days a small tea bar and a snack bar operate.
  9. The complimentary snack bar and refrigerators with sodas are always well stocked.
  10. Pascucci said, pointing to a folding metal chair near the snack bar.
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  1. usually inexpensive bar

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