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  1. The bottom sluiceway is controlled by three fixed wheel gates of.
  2. Other remnants include an engine mount and an embankment for a sluiceway.
  3. Reporters fell upon a veritable sluiceway of talkative senators.
  4. The California sluiceway consisted of three iron gates while the Arizona had one.
  5. That's when Davis'boat began filling with water from the sluiceway.
  6. Otherwise, he swam in the outdoor sluiceways that drained from the wool mills.
  7. Rounded-arched brownstone sluiceways ( now bricked up ) run beneath the building.
  8. It sits above four arched sluiceway openings.
  9. There were the heavy squares of amber glass with sluiceways cut deeply into the four corners.
  10. It uses a ladder and a sluiceway to return fish that are caught on the screens.
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  1. conduit that carries a rapid flow of water controlled by a sluicegate

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