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जल कपाटिका

कपाट वाल्व
जलद्वार वाल्व
स्लूइस वाल्व
sluice:    नाली मोरी जलमार्ग
valve:    द्वार वाल्व कपाट
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  1. Before entering the machines there are Sluice Valves with provision for 3 " bypass valve to reduce the pressure at the time of opening the main valve.
  2. A "'gate valve "', also known as a "'sluice valve "', is a valve which opens by lifting a round or rectangular gate / wedge out of the path of the fluid.
  3. Regular encampments were held at Norman Park until the start of World War II . In preparation for these events the salt pan land adjacent to the south of the Kissing Point outcrop and subject to intermittent tidal flooding was drained with a dam and sluice valve.


  1. regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice
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