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स्लुइस बॉक्स
sluice:    नाली मोरी जलमार्ग
box:    बक्स कटोरा मंजूषा
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  1. Many hobbyists simply use a gold pan or a sluice box.
  2. Processing of placer ore material consists of gravity-dependent methods of separation, such as sluice boxes.
  3. It was designed to be used in areas with less water than a sluice box.
  4. The debris is then filtered through a sluice box to separate the gold from the rubble.
  5. Covered in foliage, just beyond view, lay abandoned pipes and sluice boxes used to wash the mountain.
  6. Like a sluice box, the rocker box has riffles and a carpet in it to trap the gold.
  7. Sluice Boxes State Park was established in 1970 and consists of the northernmost eight miles of the Belt.
  8. 3 km east of Springs Junction, the Maruia River flows through the deep and narrow Sluice Box gorge.
  9. Gold pans and shovels are commonly allowed, but sluice boxes and suction dredges may be prohibited in some areas.
  10. I'm sure the gold miners who poured mercury by the flask into sluice boxes didn't want to hurt anyone.
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