sluggard meaning in Hindi

[ 'slʌgəd ] sound:
sluggard sentence in Hindi
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  1. No need to go to the ant, thou sluggard.
  2. That is about a week less than the next sluggard.
  3. They evolved from cold-blooded sluggards to warm-blooded amphetamine addicts.
  4. To such sluggards, I can only say " Fie !"
  5. The first proverb admonishes, " Go to the ant, you sluggard!
  6. Do not become a sluggard in the race.
  7. Punning, Bannister says, " Go to the ant, thou sluggard ."
  8. That practically makes him the household sluggard.
  9. Absentee voters are suddenly important, and here I am, stuck with the sluggards.
  10. Ironically, earlier newspaper articles under-exaggerated the Martians as being " sluggard creatures ".
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  1. an idle slothful person

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