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  1. The piece is titled : " Is Your City Sloshed ?"
  2. But he refused and the teams sloshed through another 45 minutes.
  3. He also sloshed some on fire ant mounds that dotted the property.
  4. Beckman sloshed into the muddy, rain-swollen stream to help.
  5. Players didn't walk the course, they sloshed through it.
  6. By early evening water already sloshed over Escambia Bay seawalls.
  7. They sloshed water in the bowls and drank it for thorough cleaning.
  8. Many people took off their shoes and sloshed barefoot.
  9. And sometimes _ gasp _ they're getting sloshed on fruit smoothies.
  10. One boy sloshed through the water on a bicycle.
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