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• फिसलन
• मक्कारी
• चिकनापन
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  1. Science fiction also addresses the delusional slipperiness of the concrete world.
  2. Road slipperiness can be prevented or delayed by proper pavement design.
  3. Both problems increase slipperiness, especially when the pavement is wet.
  4. Video art's sheer slipperiness may make it easier to judge.
  5. And the slipperiness of the floor allowed us to do baseball slides.
  6. McLuhan's conceptual slipperiness has been inherited by many digital gurus.
  7. Testing the slipperiness of ice is a bit more esoteric.
  8. A thing's slipperiness cannot be expressed in terms of one surface.
  9. The dots are made from stainless steel and powder-coated to prevent slipperiness.
  10. However, this type of beam was eventually banned due to its extreme slipperiness.
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  1. the quality of being a slippery rascal
    synonyms:rascality, shiftiness, trickiness
  2. a slippery smoothness; "he could feel the slickness of the tiller"
    synonyms:slickness, slick, slip

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