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• स्लिंग फिरकी
sling:    उत्तोलक पट्टी जो
swivel:    कुण्डा कड़ी
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  1. The stock was then finely polished and target sling swivels installed.
  2. Model 77E shotguns were Parkerized with sling swivels and wooden stocks.
  3. The stock featured Wichita sling swivels and a Pachmayr buttpad.
  4. The forend is fitted with a T-way rail for sling swivel or tripod.
  5. It was carried by side sling swivels and didn't feature a bayonet mount.
  6. The rifle has " sling swivels.
  7. The butt is closed by an endplate which is held in place by the rear sling swivel.
  8. Previously, the sling swivel had been affixed to a stud in front of the trigger bow.
  9. The heat shield also serves as an attachment base for accessories such as sights or sling swivels.
  10. The bipod attaches to a sling swivel on the stock fore-end, and is easily removable.
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