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• दोली आर्द्रतामापी
• दोली साइक्रोमीटर
sling:    उत्तोलक पट्टी जो
psychrometer:    आर्द्रतामापी
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  1. The same principle is used to measure the dew point using a sling psychrometer ( a more accurate instrument than the human finger ).
  2. Where most unstaffed weather stations have undergone technology upgrades, consistent use of the sling psychrometer has helped provide scientific precision to the Mount Washington climate record.
  3. They watch for spot fires ( fire that crosses the fireline ) and take weather readings using a sling psychrometer or a kestral typically every hour and relaying them up the chain of command.
  4. A "'sling psychrometer "'requires manual operation to create the airflow over the bulbs, but a "'powered psychrometer "'includes a fan for this function.

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