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  1. Thomas'first sketch map from 1849 commemorated about 30 members of the Canterbury Association.
  2. There he prepared sketch maps for the invasion of North Africa.
  3. Professor Winchell recorded his observations, sketch maps, and interviews in a pocket field notebook.
  4. The second map would be the sketch map that works off of positional cues.
  5. Traditionally, the areas were created using analogue and sketch maps.
  6. What appears there is a sketch map of the excavation area, approx 200m by 340m.
  7. Quadra had given Galiano a sketch map of the river's mouth based on Gray's information.
  8. I think a sketch map would help a lot, either in the Introduction or elsewhere.
  9. Subsequently, a sketch map was created of the bunker.
  10. Thomas drew a sketch map of the fictional town.


  1. a map drawn from observation (rather than from exact measurements) and representing the main features of an area

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