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• fस्थ्fात रिपोर्ट
situation:    हालत अवस्था ओहदा
report:    विवरणी आवाज
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  1. During the monsoon period, it is required to issue daily situation reports.
  2. Its acclaim was demonstrated in North Africa by one unit's situation report.
  3. Breaker constantly monitors all radio frequencies, providing situation reports to the command center.
  4. The task force was constantly mentioned in daily situation report for President Eisenhower.
  5. Ziggy porpoised through the snow, her cropped tail ticking out an ongoing situation report.
  6. London-based E D & F Man Ltd . said in its latest sugar situation report.
  7. The committees have been ordered to submit weekly situation reports to his ministry, Ting said.
  8. Man said in its latest Sugar Situation report.
  9. London-based E D & AMP; F Man Ltd . said in its latest sugar situation report.
  10. These collaborations will produce periodic situation reports ( SITREPS ) to be disseminated to appropriate policymakers.
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