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  1. The system returned to a single fare on 1 November 1982.
  2. The single fared far better on adult contemporary radio, peaking at number 4.
  3. A single fare cost ?, less than the parking cost at the station.
  4. Consequently, return tickets at single fare where the latter exceeded 2d . were introduced.
  5. The album suffered from a lack of label support though the singles fared slightly better.
  6. A zonal system was operated with five single fares.
  7. A single fare on the service was 5 cents, or 6 tickets for 25 cents.
  8. As far as I can see, a Cheap Day Single fare is available @ ?9.20.
  9. With subsequent singles faring less well on the charts, the band split up in 1991.
  10. Notably, the maximum single fare was capped at ?.

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