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  1. Why does ( voice ) have to go after every single entry?
  2. Their highest single entry was Irene which reached 56 in the charts.
  3. There is a single entry ( Object-based powers ) to explain that.
  4. The biggest single entry was for $ 18.6 million in January 2000.
  5. :Each WORD . BASE _ WORD would map to a single entry.
  6. Altough there should be a better checktrough of the single entries.
  7. In the single entry system, each transaction is recorded only once.
  8. It seems like a single entry under Women of Wrestling is sufficient documentary.
  9. For example, would there be a single entry from yesterday's nominees?
  10. His new visa is for single entry and valid only for one week.
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  1. a simple bookkeeping system; transactions are entered in only one account

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