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• सरल विकल्प
simple:    जड़ी बूटी प्रांजल
alternative:    पक्षान्तर विकल्प
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  1. The administration has overlooked a simple alternative to invading Iraq, however.
  2. Testifying before the House Judiciary committee in March, NetChoice proposed a simple alternative.
  3. Most Tablets in use are applied as a simple alternative to a conventional laptop.
  4. Many employers favor arbitration as a cheaper and simpler alternative to the court system.
  5. A much simpler alternative is to threshold a linear function.
  6. For those I don't avoid, there's no simple alternative, unlike with aluminum sacrificial rods.
  7. Selling is the simpler alternative, since hedging would involve investing in options or futures.
  8. A simpler alternative is to leverage off the fascination fish have with floating objects.
  9. Instead, consider a simpler alternative : an ice mold.
  10. I discovered that this simple alternative solved the problems inherent in both sauteing and grilling.
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