simper meaning in Hindi

[ 'simpə ] sound:
simper sentence in Hindi
• बनावटी ढंग से मुस्कुराना
• बनावटी मुस्कुराहट
• बनावटी रूप में मुस्कुराना
• बनावटी ढंग से मुस्कुराना
• मूर्खतापूर्ण तरीके से हंसना
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  1. In March 2009 Simper again performed with Nasty Habits in Austria.
  2. She then formed the group Slippry Feet with friend Paul Simper.
  3. Simper, Vlahov and Longley were also all former UWA students.
  4. Cord Simpers was the high school quarterback with a wild reputation.
  5. He does not holler or simper or carelessly toss his weight around.
  6. His son, Roland Chalmers Simper was also a composer.
  7. The women are puppets who either simper or scream ."
  8. His players did not strut, simper or sashay in the end zone.
  9. They are clearly determined not to simper so much.
  10. Simper said Arslanian's termination followed the former coach's contract.
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  1. a silly self-conscious smile
  1. smile affectedly or derisively

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