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  1. I can almost see the convention signs waving in San Diego now.
  2. Many of the signs waved by demonstrators blasted the International Monetary Fund.
  3. Among the signs waved read : " Un-Tie Domi"
  4. Cardboard signs wave ( " Cal, Thanks for the Memories " ).
  5. "Cheney Rocks, " read a hand-lettered sign waved from the crowd.
  6. It had all the trappings of a political convention : sign waving, slogan shouting and speech making.
  7. "Why The Long Face ? " asked a sign waved in Michigan at Kerry and his elongated chin.
  8. "Preval and Aristide are twins ! " declared one of dozens of signs waved by residents.
  9. "We waited a long time for you, " one sign waved in the crowd said.
  10. Alabamians for a Clean Environment used techniques such as sign waving and name calling to draw attention to their cause.
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