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[ 'saidˌbɔ:d ] sound:
sideboard sentence in Hindi
• अलमारी
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  1. There's also the sideboard you inherited from your aunt.
  2. The State Dining Room contains an elegant mahogany sideboard by Adam.
  3. Against the wall is a Maryland sideboard, Sheraton in style.
  4. She led him to her basement, and showed him the sideboard.
  5. So it has all these great sideboards to get in.
  6. With the lid closed, it looked like a sideboard.
  7. Framed photos of Ida sit on a sideboard in the dining room.
  8. She went to the sideboard and opened a couple of big drawers.
  9. Igor Larionov set up the shot with a pass from the sideboards.
  10. In the front was a lounge area opposite a sideboard and mirror.
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  1. a piece of furniture that stands at the side of a dining room; has shelves and drawers
    synonyms:buffet, counter
  2. a board that forms part of the side of a bed or crib
  3. a removable board fitted on the side of a wagon to increase its capacity

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