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  1. The Cutting was also a water and fuelling point for shunters.
  2. No shunters received Loadhaul livery despite being operated by the company.
  3. A diesel shunter loco shed is also situated at adjacent Beliaghata.
  4. This included a small restored shunter and an antique fire engine.
  5. They were then used as shunters until being retired in 1988.
  6. Note : The LNER's petrol shunters were initially unclassified.
  7. As a result, the station still houses a diesel shunter.
  8. KTM had been facing a shortage of shunters at that time.
  9. No . 102 was never rebuilt and kept as a shunter.
  10. European shunters tend to be smaller and more often have fixed axles.


  1. a small locomotive used to move cars around but not to make trips

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