shoulder vise meaning in Hindi

shoulder vise sentence in Hindi
shoulder:    कंधा बोझ लेना
vise:    बाँक शिकंजा विसा
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  1. Basically, you can just add another big shoulder vise to the end of the bench.
  2. A decent-size one will start around $ 800, with end vise and shoulder vise.
  3. You can buy a hardware kit for the shoulder vise, but making it properly is still a formidable task.
  4. A front vise ( also called'face vise'or'shoulder vise') is typically mounted on the left front side of the bench.
  5. What turns a lot of woodworkers away from building their own bench is the end vise, which unlike the shoulder vise, cannot be purchased as a unit.
  6. The Scandinavian type of bench has two vises; the standard cast iron vise at one end of the working side, and a shop-built, integrated shoulder vise at the other end.
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