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  1. _Spencer, 22, a ski shop assistant and part-time punt operator from Cambridge.
  2. Most of the residents are rickshaw drivers, day laborers and shop assistants.
  3. Exceptions include occupations such as transit workers, shop assistants, and security guards.
  4. :: If only shop assistants would say something like that to me.
  5. Commercials were founded in 1884 by shop assistants working in the city.
  6. She previously worked as a bartender and a shop assistant at Chanel.
  7. She worked as a cleaner, shop assistant, lecturer, and clerical worker.
  8. Used-car salesmen after all usually operate on commission; so do overzealous shop assistants.
  9. We had a careless goalkeeper, " said Anton Thabethe, 30, a shop assistant.
  10. Both men were caught by shop assistants as soon as they hobbled outside.


  1. a salesperson in a store
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