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shooting script sentence in Hindi

छायाचित्रण लिपि
शूटिंग लिपि
shooting:    शिकार आखेट
script:    कथानक ख़त
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  1. Other scenes survive in the shooting script but the footage appears lost.
  2. Ramsay's partner Rory Stewart Kinnear also contributed to the final shooting script.
  3. The shooting script was only a first draft and not properly formatted.
  4. He even writes " Top Secret " on the daily shooting script.
  5. When rewriting the shooting script, Moore simply omitted Sayles'work without Sony noticing.
  6. The film's shooting script was fiercely protected even with the main cast.
  7. Here's the translation included with " The West Wing " shooting script:
  8. Page numbers in a shooting script are handled in a similar way.
  9. Or they can turn to the Newmarket Press's Shooting Script Series.
  10. This was the original ending of the movie included in the shooting script.
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  1. the final detailed script for making a movie or TV program

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